Train Your Dog…Sit…Good Boy!

Teach Your Dog To Sit – in about 3 minutes

In three minutes and a bit more is the explanation of how to teach your dog, whether it’s one of your poodles, or a labrador retriever,  to sit according to our lesson. What do you need for this to happen? Let me tell you:  A leash, biscuits and a positive spirit; the steps in which the teaching takes place are three. It even works for Doberman puppies.

“Sitting” is the command, “Bravo!” is the positive reinforcement and “Well done” to make the task fun. k9joy.

Advice: Do this exercise before giving him the reward, so the dog will have the most desire to earn the biscuits. Dog training facebook page.

dog training for Pomeranians, Poodles and Border collies

An great way to teach the dog to sit down right away is to put the biscuit in front of his nose and then raise it over his head

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(but not too high), this will force the dog to sit;

when he drops his head back and sits then you should give him the prize / biscuit, forgetting to say “Good” and to make him cuddle and invite him to move freely for a while.

have you seen this great youtube channel all about dog education and training?

Remember to keep a positive attitude in any case; your dog does not ask you to settle for it and you do not have to punish him if he does not succeed.

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When the command is understood,

start preparing cookies intermittently, ie not every time you sit down, but keep compliments on it. great dog information blogspot.

The goal is achieved when the dog obeys your voice command without worrying about any distraction.