Let’s Do Exercise


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There is nothing more difficult than exercise, except writing about exercise.Here is a list of exercises I hate in chronological order: situps, pushups,other exercises. All of which can get us closer to instant weight loss…or rapid weight loss at the very least.

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I did a pushup once. I blacked out for eight months.

Which are also the only exercises I have heard of. It all makes me wonder why children don’t have to exercise to stay fit. I think it’s mostly because they have perfect stomach acid and digestion. They also have very few toxins in their bodies and their gut flora is probably perfect.

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Did you know that some people consider walking to be a good exercise. Not me. I don’t think it raises your heart rate long and hard enough. Nothing beats trampolining and don’t think that a diet, all by itself dietas adelgazar, will suddenly cause you to become thin like a 21 year old girl in a long grey coat. Yes. I’m talking about the girl I saw today who was extremely slender. Good for her.

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So all you pregnant women should be happy about that.

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