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This German lady made it to her dream figure that she had always wanted in just 2 months…And she did it at HOME. (which is what the German term ‘zuhause’ means)That’s pretty amazing. She was doing what the germans refer to as ‘schnell abnehmen‘ which basically means fast weight loss..but it also can be a time of healthy weight reduction.

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When it comes to women’s health there is more to it than just thinking,” I am going to do thousands of pushups! That’ll get me back in shape after pregnancy! So let’s go on that date with that new guy tonight and tomorrow I’m going to buy the thinnest wedding dress ever.” Ridiculous. Plus how expensive are those wedding dresses? What a ripoff.

Let’s do exercise

Of course losing weight after pregnancy is easily possible. It can be difficult for those who don’t know what they’re doing. Babies create a lot of excess weight…How cute.


A lot of the factors that affect weight loss and metabolism in general are hormonal. Both women and men have a substance inside them that keeps the body in shape, in fact women have TWICE as much of it as men.

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The problem isn’t having too much or too little of it – the problem is ACTIVATING it hormonally.

If your hormones have been switched off after years of normal modern ‘food’ then you have to detox yourself and get your hormones switched back on again. This is why everyone is doing one of those lemon detoxes or watermelon cleanses or sitting in a sauna with people they can’t relate to. schnell abnehmen

The cause of the problem?

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The reason for the excess couple of pounds on us modern-day  humans is simple: An imbalance between our caloric expenditure(exercise,general activity) and our calorie intake. schnell abnehmen

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In other words: The obese have too many calories inside them…obviously from eating them. The calorie surplus was then converted by the body into fat.

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There’s a theory that in earlier times, the body was able to draw on its fat reserves and man didn’t starve as quickly as today. schnell abnehmen

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The other half of the theory is that ,since we eat so much  today, our bodies have forgotten how to live off our stored fat because they never ever have to.